Attractions in Maldives

Manta Reef

This famous dive and snorkelling site is a known feeding ground for the majestic Manta ray. Common reef fish can also be spotted here, as well as turtles, tuna and even sharks.

British Loyalty Wreck

This old, British oil tanker was shot down by a German submarine over 60 years ago. It is now covered in corals and provides habitat for a plethora of marine species, and provides divers with a unique and exciting sunken treasure to explore.

Tomb of Mohammed Thakurufaanu

Mohammed Thakurufaanu is touted as the national hero of the Maldives, as he led the native population to freedom from Portuguese rule. He then reigned as the Sultan of the Maldives for over a decade. His tomb lies in a small mosque on Neelafaru Magu.

Sultan Park

Sultan park lies just outside of the National Museum, and is filled with immaculate gardens and lined with orderly trees. It is considered the nicest public space (that isn’t a beach) in the Maldives.

Hammerhead Point

This beautiful place is aptly named due to the congregations of hammerhead sharks that gather around the outer reef. Past the reef, the depth quickly reaches 200m, and is known for being exceptionally clear.

Whale Submarine

If you aren’t a diver, consider taking the whale submarine excursion that will take you aboard and down to a reef at depths of 40m deep where you can observe marine wildlife in their natural habitat. Call (960) 333 3939 for more information.

Shark’s Tongue

This diving area just east of Boli Bulah, is famous for the numerous white-tip and grey-tip reef sharks that float around a cleaning station at a depth of 20m.

Shark Point

This Protected Marine Area has fast moving currents that attract numerous jackfish, stingrays and white-tip and grey-tip reef sharks.

Dhidhdhoo Beyru

This area is famous for the sightings of the coveted whale shark that is known to gently float along the 10km long currents of the Dhidhdhoo Beyru, especially from May until September.


Mulliage is where the President of the Maldives resides. Though the residence is not open for tours and visitation, this integral part of Maldivian culture can still be admired from the outside.

Hulhumale Mosque

This mosque is renowned for its enormous golden dome that is held up by trusses. Architecture buffs should definitely take the time to visit Hulhumale Island and check out this unique religious structure.

National Art Museum

The National Art museum showcases both international and local Maldivian art ranging from spectacular canvassed paintings to captivating photography. Located at 131 Majeedhee Magu.

Fish Head

This diving location based around North Ari Atoll is filled with tremendous underwater rock formations, caves, corals, and of course an array of spectacular marine life.

Fishing the Maldives

Catch your fill of aquatic life in the Maldives where there is plenty of marine life to hook. Visit for more information.